What is Hacking? and how Normal user can protect.

Hacking is the gaining of access (wanted or unwanted) to a computer and viewing, copying, or creating data (leaving a trace) without intention of destroying data or maliciously harming the computer.

Hacking is a broad term use to describe many complex activities wherein the end goal is typically to obtain access to a computer system’s servers, database(s) or stored files. this access may be any combination or desired or undesired, and legal or illegal.

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

The digital world is developing rapidly and furiously, and there is a need…

Smart Cities in Pakistan

The rate of migration from rural to urban areas is increasing across the world day by day. By 2050, around 70% of the people will be living in cities and Pakistan is no exception in this regard.

There is an emerging need for the cities to get smarter in Pakistan so that it would tackle the issues related to the large scale urbanization.

What is a Smart City?

The picture of a smart city contains a wish list of infrastructure and services that describes his or her level of aspiration. To provide for the aspirations and…

Shahid Farid

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